Designed specifically for people traveling abroad for surgery

Dear Patients,

Because your safety and peace of mind is our primary focus, we have partnered with Medical Travel Shield to provide discounted, comprehensive Medical travel insurance for our patients.

IMPORTANT! travel insurance included with your home policy, private medical insurance, credit/debit card insurance policy and Ryanair insurance policy WILL NOT cover you when you travel for surgery abroad.

We highly recommend our patients arrive in Spain fully covered for all eventualities. We are confident that Medical Travel Shield are the best travel insurance for our patients.

Surgery Now patients can benefit from a 10% discount off the cost of their policy.

Please contact us directly for access to the special discount.

  • Medical Travel Shield is a single trip travel insurance designed specifically for people traveling abroad to receive non-essential surgery.
  • This insurance covers people traveling on a trip during the period of insurance to receive the treatment listed in the schedule.
  • This insurance can also provide cover to a nominated person traveling with you (called a “Companion” for the purposes of this insurance).
  • This insurance policy will cover the cost of flight changes and additional accommodation costs, should you need to stay longer after your surgery.


The table of benefits below shows the significant features and benefits which are explained in detail in your policy wording. Some sections of the certificate carry an excess which is the amount the covered person has to contribute towards the cost of the claim.

Cover for both You and Your Companion (if selected)

Medical and Additional Expenses

Cover for the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad following bodily injury or illness including repatriation. We will NOT pay for any medical expenses incurred in relation to your treatment except if you have a life-threatening complication that occurs during the planned treatment or normal recovery period and is secondary to the pre-agreed treatment plan prior to departure.

Up to 2,000,000 Euros 100 Euros
Cancellation and Curtailment

Cover any irrecoverable payments paid or contracted to be paid for travel, accommodation and unused pre- booked excursions (including reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred for return to the ROI) should the planned trip be cancelled before commencement or curtailed before completion due to any of the reasons stated in the policy wording.

Up to 5,000 Euros 100 Euros
Journey Continuation

Cover for reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses if a covered person misses a reserved air, sea, coach or rail journey.

UP to 250 Euros 100 Euros
Travel Delay

Cover if a covered person’s travel is delayed due to any of the reasons stated in the policy wording, such as breakdown of the mode of transport, local industrial action, civil unrest, bomb scare, severe weather conditions, natural disaster like earthquake, flood or avalanche.

25 Euros per 12 hours (up to 48 hours) Nil
Personal Liability

Indemnity for a covered person’s legal liability if they cause bodily injury or death to third parties or accidental loss or damage to their property.

Up to 1,000,000 Euros 250 Euros
Personal Accident

Benefit payable for bodily injury which results in accidental death, loss of limb(s), loss of eye(s) or permanent total disablement as a result of an accident that is not related to the planned treatment.

20,000 Euros Nil
Hospital Benefit

Benefit payable for each twenty four (24) hour period a covered person spends as an in-patient in a hospital outside the ROI, other than time spent as an in-patient in relation to the treatment.

50 Euros for each completed 24 hour period (up to 1,500 Euros) Nil
Property and Money

Benefit if a covered person suffers loss of or damage to accompanied property and/or money.

Up to 1,000 Euros limited to 250 Euros for money, 300 Euros for any one article, pair or set of articles 100 Euros
Loss of Passport and travel documents

Cover for reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining a replacement passport, tickets and other travel documents if the original is lost or stolen.

Up to 250 Euros 100 Euros
Travel and accommodation expenses over and above the normal recovery period

Cover for costs if you have to stay at your destination longer than the normal recovery period on medical grounds.

50 Euros allowance per day. 75% of accommodation expenses. 75% of 1 x economy single fare. Overall maximum of 1,500 Euros

Additional Return Trip within 12 months of the original Treatment

Expenses if your original treatment is medically assessed as unsuccessful and it is medically necessary to return to the same hospital/ clinic within 12 months for corrective treatment. Cover can extend to include companions covered under the original policy

50 EUROS allowance per day. 1 x economy return air fare. Overall maximum of 2,000 Euros

250 Euros


Further medical consultations expenses after discharge
Cover for costs of necessary further medical consultation at the place of treatment after your discharge and before returning to the ROI.
Up to 500 Euros 100 Euros