Surgery Now is actively seeking a financial services partner to help our thousands of Irish clients.

Surgery Now is a private company, based in Spain and in Ireland.

From a standing start and through the tough pandemic, we’ve emerged as the answer to thousands, maybe tens of thousands of Irish people’s problems. We aim to help distressed patients who are on long medical waiting lists. Historically, the company has not sought external investment, and we are not looking for that now.

We prefer to grow organically by reinvesting the profits into our logistics in Spain and getting the word out to patients in Ireland of how simple and effective surgery abroad can be. This is still our current business model.

Our service offers patients the confidence to travel abroad as we arrange everything for our patients who are in pain. We hold their hand every step of the way along their journey to becoming pain free. We listen to them from the initial phone call to post surgery consultation and beyond. However, not content to settle for the current impact we are having on the Irish medical waiting lists, we want to help more people. We are an extremely innovative and creative company. All details from surgeons to hotels, from physiotherapy to psychology are covered.


The only small bottleneck we have is finance for our patients to pay for their operations, while they wait for the HSE to process their refund application.

We are frequently asked by our patients to help them to get finance for their surgery in Spain. Our private hospitals in the Aliante and Madrid regions accept our patents, offer the 5 star treatment and help them to get up to 100% refunds from the HSE.

Here lies a problem for us. Although most of the banks and credit unions in Ireland accept and understand the problems, our clients find the process slow and surrounded by unnecessary bureaucracy.

Up to now we have contacted the individual financial institutions and arranged the paperwork on behalf each patient from our Alicante office.

Clients and patients get the short-term finance approved, and within 12 weeks the Irish government will refund the bank or credit union the money for their treatment.

The creative minds at Surgery Now generate many new ideas weekly. Some of these we do initial development work on, only to hit problems. Providing quick, easy, short-term finance for our patients is not our core business. However, it is still a massive opportunity for a financial institution, while helping our patient to become pain free.


Our patients cannot allow us to leave this opportunity undeveloped on the shelf.

We soon hope to process 100 clients per month in Spain, and by early 2023 double this amount. Typical amounts the clients need to borrow short term is around 10,000 euro. At Surgery Now, we just don’t have the resources to explore the potential.

Raising finance conventionally is impractical and lending tens of millions of euros from our personal or company finance is not doable, without building a new financial division. We don’t have the time.

We would love to work with a couple of smaller initiative brokers, institutions, and lenders, in Ireland.

For them, this is a virtually risk free, high return, very short term deal with a gilt edged guarantor; The Irish Government and the HSE.


We will choose just one preferred partner for Surgery Now at the end of the year 2022.

We know there are people or organisations actively seeking high return opportunities that can make a real difference to people’s pain, we would be very interested to discuss our ideas under an appropriate non-disclosure agreement.

If you think that you might have access to the sort of finance that can really help our thousands of clients while making a very solid return, maybe you can get in touch with us in early September 2022.

We look forward to helping you to reach a sizable new market while helping thousands of Irish patients to get their Surgery Now!