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Bypass long hospital waiting lists

Bypass long hospital waiting lists

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Bypass long hospital waiting lists


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Patient Testimonials

My dad was told he had cataracts by his optician and that he would need to get them done as soon as possible! Both my dad’s GP and optician sent several letters to Limerick regional hospital regarding this and he received a letter telling him it would be 53 months before he would be seen. My dad couldn’t wait that long as his sight was deteriorating rapidly!

I contacted Surgery Now and spoke with Chris! The best descion of my life was contacting them! Chris was absolutely fantastic! He explained everything to me and was always only a phone call or text away if I needed to know anything. Chris arranged everything for my dad. Sent referral letter to hospital in Alicante to booking hotel to arranging for a member of the Surgery Now team to meet my dad at both Shannon airport and Alicante airport. There was a driver waiting for my dad in Alicante airport to take him to hotel and was there to collect and drop my dad to the hospital for all his appointments.  My dad’s sight was extremely poor when he met with surgeon’s in the hospital in Alicante. He got both his eyes done the right eye on Wednesday and the left eye on Thursday. On the Wednesday evening my dad rang me and he couldn’t get over the sight he had got in his left eye. His exact words were “I can see the tv now”. By Thursday evening my dad had his independence back and I can’t thank Chris, Audrey, Leanne, John, Noel and all the team from Surgery Now enough.  To the Surgeon’s who are world class thank you from the bottom of our hearts you really and truly have saved my dad’s life. My advice to anyone who is waiting to get cataracts done contact Surgery Now as ye will not regret it. My dad would be blind now only for Surgery Now. Absolutely fantastic service and staff from both the hospital and Surgery Now team. Also thanks to the doctor who went out to my dads hotel to treat a ankle wound he had.



August 2021

Kathleen Ryan, Your Content Goes Here

I had a great experience with Surgery Now in Spain. The staff are so friendly and caring, but also efficient. They took care of all details and logistics, and the Hospital they use is first class with amazing people with skill and empathy.

I had a full hip replacement 6 weeks ago, now I am walking normally. I was pain free travelling home to Ireland.

Paul Hoare – June 2021

Paul Hoare, Your Content Goes Here

After being told we would have to wait up to 3yrs. for Cataract surgery on the N.H.S. we decided to look into going private. We checked out different private clinics and after speaking to Chris  from SURGERY NOW we decided to go with them as they are based in Spain. Chris was brilliant, he arranged everything from flights, hotel accommodation, pick up at airport and took us, with the other patients who were there for hip knee and back surgery, in fact any type of surgery needed, to VISSUM PRIVATE HOSPITAL in Alicante for blood tests and eye examination. Chris has a team working for him who were brilliant. Nothing was a problem. They are all fluent in Spanish. We went in on Mon. and Tues., had our cataracts removed and got multifocal lenses, so no need to wear glasses again. The hospital and doctors were first class, all speak English and are very attentive to their patients. I would highly recommend with Chris and his team. Why suffer pain for years when you could have surgery done with top class doctors and first class hotels and a holiday in the sun.

Antoinette Irvine – May 2021

Antoinette Irvine , Your Content Goes Here

‘I was in daily pain from my hip in late November 2020 and I needed a full hip replacement. I contacted Chris, in Surgery Now, and I was amazed that he was able to arrange a surgery date for the 9th December 2020 in Benidorm, Spain. The name of the hospital was IMED LEVANTE, a large professional hospital with skilled surgeons.

I was met at Dublin Airport, on the 8th December 2020, by a representative from Surgery Now who had all of my paperwork done and had even arranged wheelchair assistance for me to get onto the flight. The same courtesy was afforded to me on landing in Alicante Airport.

I was collected and driven to Hotel Cimbel, a large hotel with fantastic beachfront and sea views. The staff at this hotel had a great working relationship with Chris and Surgery Now and they attended to my every need, particularly post-operation where staff seemed ever watchful while I got used to my crutches.

The surgery itself, in IMED LEVANTE, was relatively pain-free with round-the-clock care afterwards.

Again, I was carefully transported by Chris to and from the hospital to my hotel as need be.

Back in Ireland, I am now walking a couple of miles daily and my hip is fine. I am happy I did not hesitate to travel with Surgery Now when Chris offered to ‘look after everything’.

Everything was very professional from start to finish.’

Declan Dillon – May 2021

Declan Dillon, Your Content Goes Here

Chris, Audrey, Noel and Eileen from Surgery Now are four absolute angels. I came across Surgery Now by chance on Facebook and to say from start to present my experience with all four has been simply amazing. From phone calls arranging everything to check up calls to date has been second to none. I have never met four people so helpful in my life. Between the four of them I literally had to turn up at the airport and that was it. The Surgery Now team took care of everything and called to the hotel to check in on me while I was there. Lifts to and from the hospital appointment, to been there when I came out of surgery. I cannot put into words how fantastic this group of people are.. Surgery Now is a hidden treasure and should be known world wide for the exceptional service these guys provide.

Patricia - May 2021, Your Content Goes Here
I was waiting 2 years after my doctor s referral for appointment to see a consultant. I was told that I would probably waiting another 2 years. Then I found about surgery now cross border Directive where I could go to Spain for my hip surgery. so I rang them and everything was up for me In  Matter of days – Within one month I had my hip replacement in Benidorm and I was back home pain free. I couldn’t praise Surgery Now and the doctors and surgeons and staff anymore for the care that I got while I was there. I would recommend it to anyone who is in pain to contact Surgery Now. I also got reimbursed a couple of weeks after.

Oliver Greer – Co Carlow

Oliver Greer , Co Carlow
I was waiting 5 years for a knee operation and travelled from cork to Alicante for my knee replacement surgery – after contacting surgery now – and in the middle of the covid crisis – I was there in matter of weeks and the service was second to none -in terms of being worried about covid – I couldn’t have felt safer and I couldn’t have been looked after any better

I highly recommend anyone to get themselves out of pain by using the cross border directive

Alan Reid – Co Cork

Alan Reid , Youghal, County Cork

Dear all at Surgery Now

I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that you provide.  I received a complete hip replacement at IMED hospital in Elche, Alicante, in November 2020 and couldn’t be happier with the result.    Everyone of the medical staff that we dealt with was very professional and efficient.  I was very grateful for the support of Surgery Now’s Chris and Noel, who went out of their way to be as helpful as possible. I especially appreciate the way my particular medical requirements were respectfully and considerately cared for. Our hotel accommodation at Huerto del Cura was excellent – very clean and comfortable, with friendly and helpful staff and high-quality food.  So good that we hope to return for a holiday.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Surgery Now’s friendly and caring service to as many people as possible. Keep up the good work!

Thank you again

Best wishes

Tim and Beth Fowler

Tim and Beth Fowler, November 2020

This company arranged for me to travel to Spain for cataract surgery mid-October 2020.

From my first call to Chris, in Surgery Now, the whole process was truly amazing.  He looked after flights, hotel and hospital bookings.

Derek Carroll – Oct 2020

All of my transfers from/to airport hotel and hospital were provided by a very amenable Noel with ultra punctuality and friendliness.

The cataract surgery was carried out on one eye Tuesday and the second eye Wednesday and involved about as much trauma and pain as getting a haircut!  For the first time in 60 years I have perfect vision without any glasses.  Can’t believe it!

Surgery Now looked after all the paperwork for reclaiming the full cost from the HSE and continued in contact with me after my return home.

I had no increased fear of catching Covid-19 than I do at home in Co Wicklow.

Derek Carroll - Oct 2020, Co. Wicklow
I travelled from Cork to IMED Levantes, Benidorm in July 2020, for the hip replacement surgery accompanied by a Surgery Now representative.

I just have to commend  the excellent service they provided to the group of us , 7 from Ireland on that trip, from the start of the application process right through to the flight home .

Surgery Now organised and booked absolutely everything, including the hospital,  all transport, our fantastic hotel directly across the road from the amazing hospital. They also sorted all of the paperwork required pre travel.

Chris, from Surgery Now, accompanied me to the hospital both on the day before the operation and checking into the hospital the morning of the surgery.

I was an in-patient for 4 days and a Surgery Now representative popped in each day to see if I needed anything ( including ice -cream! ) and for a chat ! they were very personable friendly and professional and available on mobile 24/7.
The operation was a 100% success and the medical team in the hospital were fantastic. I would highly recommend this hospital and its location.

The day before flying back, Surgery Now completed the HSE refund application form with me and made it seamless.

I cannot speak highly enough of Surgery Now for their professionalism, efficiency and responsiveness.

For anybody considering surgery abroad with Surgery Now , I would strongly recommend doing so, you are guaranteed top class service from start to finish.

Ten out of Ten

Siobhan Dunne – July 2020

Siobhan Dunne, July 2020

I want to express my gratitude for all your help & advice the past few weeks. I actually still can’t believe how efficient & quick the entire process has been. I have been telling everyone I know, about Surgery Now. Like me, they can’t believe that, within a week of our initial contact, you arranged surgery for my hands to be done in Spain the following week! You are an absolute Godsend. I really couldn’t have coped too much longer with the chronic pain my carpal tunnel was causing me. And I can’t even explain how marvellous it is to finally have relief from that pain & to be able to sleep through the night!  If my recovery is as good as the service Surgery Now have  provided well, then I’ll really be a happy camper! I want you to know that, I have been highly recommending your company & will continue to do so. Professional, Efficient, Trustworthy & totally Competent are only some of the words I’ve used to describe my experience through the process. I can’t thank you enough. I only hope that, more people learn about your company & the AMAZING services you provide. It’s absolutely ludicrous for people who need medical attention and/or surgery to have to wait for insane lengths of time on waiting lists in this country when there’s an alternative. My blessing was being told about Surgery Now.  I Just can’t thank you enough!



“I was in awful pain for 3 years and was waiting 2 years for a appointment with consultant.
In January I travelled to the IMED Elche hospital in Spain had the op there. The hospital is like a 5 star hotel and aftercare is second to none. I was recovered enough to move to Spain in April and have opened a gallery and bought a house in the last year, so I’m a new man thanks to the surgery and the speed of the whole process.”

Gary Kelly

Gary Kelly, Malahide

“I’m extremely grateful for the assistance I had from the very beginning when we started planning my surgery in Portugal. Very efficient staff and organisation. For somebody who is in pain I can say I felt a huge relief when everything was sorted very fast. Once I was in Portugal, they had a transfer organised waiting for me at the airport and the hospital and the staff were incredible.
I’m very glad I had this opportunity to have my surgery done abroad with so much efficiency and I thank Surgery Now for all the support.”

Nara Macoca

Nara Macoca, Clare

“I had a complicated knee replacement performed in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Wales, in November 2018. I flew into Bristol from Dublin where I was met by private taxi and brought straight to St. Joseph’s. The consultation was at 3 pm on the same day and the operation was carried out at 10 a.m next morning.
I cannot praise the care given to me enough from the time I entered the hospital. From my first meeting with receptionists/care assistants/nurses and in particular my surgeon. I received first class care. It has nearly been a year since my operation I am now pain free and working back full time.”

Aidan O’Shea

Aidan O’Shea
I was ten plus years on a waiting list for Total Knee Replacement, but within two months of contacting Surgerynow, Chris had answered all my questions and had everything organised with the hospital. From consultation to surgery and through Post Op the whole thing was first class.

Mike M – Co. Clare

Mike M, County Clare

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