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Frequently Asked Questions


COVID-19 UPDATE– Am I able to fly during this time?2020-10-01T08:40:41+01:00

All normal flights have now resumed. This means you will be able to travel to our treatment centres in Alicante, Lisbon and the Netherlands.

COVID-19 UPDATE– What precautions are the airlines taking to prevent infection on the aircraft?2020-10-01T08:29:04+01:00

Airlines and airport authorities are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of those travelling. This includes social distancing measures, professionally cleaned and disinfecting the aircraft and ensuring there is seat spacing when on board. Each airline will issue you with clear guidelines ahead of travelling.

COVID-19 UPDATE– Do I need to register with the Department for Foreign Affairs?2020-05-25T16:20:57+01:00

Yes, when you are ready to travel, we will register you and log your travel itinerary with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

COVID-19 UPDATE– How will I be transferred to by hospital on arrival?2020-10-01T08:31:47+01:00

A transfer will be organised for you, this maybe by ambulance or by car

COVID-19 UPDATE– Should I be worried about COVID-19 in the hospital I am Visiting?2020-10-01T08:36:21+01:00

There is no need to worry. Currently the hospitals we are working with have no cases of COVID-19. They are also located in areas with low infection rates. It is something with constantly monitor and receive daily reports from the hospitals on. Our patients safety is our priority

COVID-19 UPDATE– Will I have any issues returning home after my treatment?2020-10-01T08:39:01+01:00

There will be no issues returning home with the current guidelines. If the country you are returning from is not on the government green list you will have to self-isolate for two weeks on your return. Although you can see this as further time to recoup and recover following your treatment


What exactly does Surgery Now do?2019-09-26T13:40:48+01:00
  • Assists with your referral abroad by a GP for treatment under the Cross-Border Directive
  • Assists with reimbursement of the cost of treatment from the HSE, along with any other paperwork that needs to be submitted
  • Finds a hospital, surgeons and physicians that is the right fit for you.
  • Helps organise your travel and accommodation when your surgery date is set.
  • We will minimise any additional hassle with paperwork that may arise after your surgery so you can focus on your treatment and recovery.
What is Surgery Now?2019-09-26T13:23:37+01:00

Surgery Now is an Irish cross-border care health service, that helps people by-pass long waiting lists and gets free care in neighbouring EU Countries, under the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive.

What is the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive?2019-10-29T17:02:53+00:00

In February 2015, The EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive was put into the national law in each of the 28 EU state member states. Under the Directive, it allows any citizen of an EU country to travel to another EU country for treatment and their home government has to issue a refund for the cost of the treatment within 28 days.

Do I need to be on a waiting list?2019-09-26T13:24:39+01:00

No, it is open to any person that would be entitled to treatment in an Irish hospital.

What is covered?2019-09-26T13:25:43+01:00

Most patients can use the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive for orthopaedic procedures, such as hip and knee replacements but it is also being used by many patients on waiting lists for cataract surgeries, as well as ear, nose and throat surgeries. See full HSE admitted patient price list.

Outpatient consultations are also covered.

The legislation allows people to travel anywhere in Europe for any type of elective treatment, except organ transplants. Surgery Now has partnered with leading hospitals to deliver this service.

Is there a fee?2019-09-26T13:26:13+01:00

You do not pay us a fee for the treatment provided under the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive.

You pay a small deposit in order to secure your surgery time when making the initial booking, which goes towards the cost of the surgery.

The amount reimbursed by the HSE is the cost of the same public healthcare treatment in Ireland, or the cost of your treatment abroad, whichever is less.

We cover our costs through the agreements we have negotiated with the various public or private hospitals abroad we use that provide the treatment.

How long does it usually take to secure reimbursement of the cost from the HSE?2019-09-26T13:26:55+01:00

The HSE says it usually reimburses patients within 30 days of receipt of all completed documents. Currently there are delays of more than 3 months in processing claims due to the number seeking reimbursement and HSE staffing levels in this area.

What diagnostics do I need before I am traveling?2019-09-26T13:27:36+01:00

We help to organise X Rays, MRI scans, ECGs and blood tests.

How easy is the form filling?2019-09-26T13:29:12+01:00

We help patients fill out the appropriate forms to ensure timely reimbursement by the HSE after discharge.

What about my aftercare?2019-09-26T13:29:40+01:00

We help patients access aftercare such as physiotherapy.

Do I need any tests or vaccines before I travel?2019-09-26T13:31:17+01:00

You do not need any vaccines, however, you will need a swab in advance of travel in case of MRSA or other infections.

Do I need a European Health Insurance Card?2019-10-02T13:45:57+01:00

If you do not already have one you may need to apply for an EHIC card at European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on the HSE website, which will cover you for any emergency care while you are traveling abroad.

If you do not have travel insurance we will organise appropriate insurance on your behalf.

Before you travel, we make sure you are aware of all the costs you are likely to incur up front.

The HSE requires you to pay the hospital first and on your return home submit an application form with all relevant back-up paperwork to secure your reimbursement.

We advise you on HSE reimbursement rates and if necessary can advise you how to secure finance from your Bank/Credit Union. 

Remember the HSE does not reimburse any costs that you incurred like flights, taxis, and general out-of-pocket expenses.

Depending on your hospital and country of choice we can offer you some travel allowances to help you with your out of pocket expenses.

How can I find out more?2019-09-27T13:26:20+01:00

You can give us a call or email us with your details and we will call you back.

We are here to help

If you have any questions, please contact us. A member of our team will reply shortly.

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