You can be like Seamus and get yourself off the Irish medical waiting list.

A client of ours allowed us to use the reply to this very common enquiry that we received just a few weeks ago.

May 2022

Dear Surgery Now,

My name is Seamus Txxxxy from Edenderry, Co Offaly.

I’ve been in bad pain for almost 14 months now and my GP said that I have at least 18 months wait on the HSE list.

My friend went to Spain for Surgery in December of 2021. (James HXXX). I understand the idea of the cross-border directive and he was fully refunded by the HSE. His patient coordinator was Leanne.

James was there for a Cataract operation (Alicante) and as my need is for a Hip replacement, I’d like to know the timeframe.

My GP is very much enthusiastic about quick surgery in Spain, once I’m guaranteed a full refund as you say on the website.

Can you please tell me how it will work in Spain?

Hoping you can help,


24 hours later, we sent this.

Dear Seamus,

Liam here. I’m based in Los Alcazares Spain but I know the Edenderry area very well indeed.

I’m attaching a sample itinerary and protocol here for you. I think I’ve included everything.

Looking forward to helping you become pain-free. We can get you over here to have your procedure in a few weeks.

I’ll call you later once you’ve had time to digest this information,


Liam McKenna.

Surgery Now, Spain.

5-star Physio is available to our Irish clients through the HSE.

Hip Replacement Protocol.

Irish clients in Spain.

(Before) Airport Arrival – Sunday 5th June 2022.

Surgery Now will collect you from Alicante airport and you’ll be brought to the hotel, located near the hospital. We usually use the Melia in Benidorm.

The patient Manager (Leanne or Scott) will notify you, the patient, via WhatsApp/phone call to welcome you to Spain. We’ll also provide preparation and pickup time for following morning

approximately before 8 am.

Pre-operative Assessment – Monday 6th.

You will check in with the IMED team and sign electronic signatures for privacy policy and pay for the consultation. All payments at the hospital must be via card to show as proof for the HSE.

You will be brought for the following tests:

  • Routine Bloods
  • ECG
  • X-ray Chest and Hips

Just to be aware;

Consultation with surgeon – €165

Anaesthesia Consultation will be at 3 pm

You’ll be notified of prep and pickup time for admission. Usually, it is first thing in the morning.

Admission – Tuesday 7th.

Admission approx. 7:30am-8am

Surgery will take place from 9 am-7 pm approximately depending on the surgeon’s list of patients, but we’ll tell you as soon as we know.

Your family will be contacted once surgery has been completed. Please remember that you are welcome to bring a family member with you.

The patient manager visits you in ICU on the same evening. We just like to make sure you are comfortable, make sure the WiFi is working and all is well.

Wednesday 8th.

First thing on Wednesday, you’ll have a visit from your patient Manager in your ICU bed.

You will be moved to a private room with the time TBC. The rooms are 5-star standard.

A family member can stay overnight with a double fold-out sofa bed


The patient Manager visits you to begin your day. (you are going to see a lot of Surgery Now team members this week!!). Scott delivers a set of crutches, and offers coffee and whatever else you need.

Naturally, your patient manager will ask you if you are ok and have any issues or questions (or have any concerns).

You should be feeling better already!


Assuming all goes well, the surgeon will discharge you after lunch.

Discharge reports and prescriptions are provided to all patients then.

Under the Cross border directive, you get x3 days of free medication.

Scott will help you with the bags to the car.

The driver brings you to the local pharmacy to pick up prescriptions then you’ll be brought to the hotel.

Potentially discharge can be on a Saturday depending on the patient’s recovery


Patient has the day off. You can relax and recuperate.


Dressing changes commence every 48 hours to clean the wound to avoid any risks of infection.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Dressing changes are performed in the emergency department and are done between 8 am-10 am.

We take care of getting you there, translations (not really needed etc.).

Returning back to Ireland post-surgery.

You and your wife will be picked up from the hotel and brought to Alicante or which airport you’re flying home from. You’ll be provided with an airport assistance wheelchair.

The patient will be advised to book 14-day post-operative staple removal with their GP or local primary care centre.

You may be advised to have continuous physiotherapy sessions in Ireland depending on recovery times. Once you land back in Ireland you return to the care of the HSE.

Next, like all of our clients, we’ll ask you to write us a little testimonial and your new pain-free life begins!


Post-op care after your hip surgery.

Monday – Friday

While here in Spain, you will attend up to 3-5 physio sessions during this week as an outpatient. The standard of Physio care is wonderful in Spain.

Each physio session costs €65 and is fully reclaimable from the HSE.

You will once again meet your surgeon on Thursday for a fit to fly certificate. This is a perfect opportunity for patients to ask questions about recovery times and when they can go back to work etc.

The patient Manager again meets you in the hospital cafe to go through files and prepare documents for the HSE. You might even get another free coffee!!

The patient Manager sends the medical report to GP back in Edenderry.

The after-care team submits a file via email on behalf of the patient to the HSE including your email address in communication to the HSE. They can be a little bureaucratic there so we like to take care of the paperwork.

The patient is informed of the next steps with regard to a refund via HSE.


Post-op appointments in Ireland after your hip surgery.

When a patient returns to Ireland, removal of staples will need to be performed 14-days post-operatively. Like every patient, you’ll be required to attend your GP or local primary care centre for the removal of staples.


That is pretty much it.

Please let us know how we can quickly get you off the waiting list.


Team members working for our clients in Benidorm, Spain.

Follow up.

Turns out Seamus did in fact come to Spain to get his surgery done.

Two weeks later he sent us a wonderful testimonial which you can see on our Facebook site or indeed, if you’d like to meet an ex Hip Surgery patient, please let us know.

We’ll arrange an online chat or phone call so that you know how successful and life-changing it can be to have your surgery in Spain weeks from now. No more waiting years for surgery.

We posted this so you can see how simple it is to get your procedure done in Spain with Surgery Now!

Why not contact us today and start your recovery?