Irish clients taking advantage of IMed, Valencia, Spain. 

 IMED Valencia is a general hospital with all the medical specialities, serving Irish clients. It is now possible for Irish people on medical waiting lists to attend one of the world’s top clinics. The project is fully supported by the HSE and Surgery Now.

The new, 5-star private hospital is located at the start of the track of Ademuz in the town of Burjassot. The IMED Valencia hospital can be found specifically on the junction of V-35 and the Ronda Norte. The location gives service to the town of Burjassot and the northeast area of Valencia city. Irish people are finding it much easier to meet a consultant here, through Surgery now rather than an Irish consultant, through the normal channels in Ireland.

Costs of procedures in Spain are fully refunded by the HSE, once all the relevant paperwork is filled in correctly. 

The clinic has a 24h emergency service, ICU, neonatal and paediatric ICU, advanced imaging diagnosis and medical and surgical specialities. Surgery now is offering our Irish patients the most innovative diagnosis techniques, and surgery in weeks not years. The new hospital has 185 individual rooms (22 of them are suites). We can use the 100 offices for outpatients consultations and the 15 operating rooms.

The eight hospitalisation units are equipped with the last facilities and the highest standards of quality and comfort for our Irish patients.

Additionally, the new hospital has 15 Intensive Care Units, Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care units, Emergency service and Paediatric Emergency service. The 100 outpatient clinics are offering Laboratory Service, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Unit, 4 Dilatation Rooms, Oncology Unit, X-Ray Service, 15 General Operating Rooms,  Delivery Rooms, and an Interventionism Room.


Dr. Lucas Minig Ramos

Imed, Surgery now and the HSE; taking care of your health!

Getting off a waiting list is important. There’s more to the success of Irish people receiving treatment in the Spanish hospital sector. IMed hospitals believe that taking care of people’s health is more than treating the disease. They feel, and we echo the thought, that their role is to take care of prevention, life habits and quality assistance too. People these days are more active in their health management, diet and lifestyle. Working with consultants who will meet you within days, not months means our patients have more information and make better decisions. IMED Valencia is providing a different assistance model for Irish clients. The model is based on the health board, patient, Irish GP and private hospital in Spain coworking with people for their well-being and health management.

Surgery now offers a coordination service for Irish people stuck on medical waiting lists. We will talk to your GP first. Next, we liaise with the professional in Spain who in turn communicates with your Irish GP. We will talk to the HSE to ensure our patients are entitled to a full refund.

We take care of the paperwork, the logistics and the practical, yet sometimes off-putting tasks; booking flights, hotels, airport assistance and more. We even talk to our patients’ families to ensure they too are happy to continue with the procedure.

There is no longer any need for clients to wait years stuck on a medical waiting list in Ireland. By contacting Surgery Now today, you or a loved one can achieve a pain-free life within weeks, not years!! 

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