Surgery Now promises surgery in as little as ten days. 

Irish people are skipping the long waiting times. (and it’s a totally FREE service) 

The Surgery Now Friday crew at the Seniors Live event.

Last weekend April 22-24th saw our first ever exhibition in Ireland.

We were in the RDS as part of the Seniors live exhibition there. 

We shared the exhibition with other firms offering products and services specifically for the older generation. 

For example Care Choice was offering information on care homes (maybe even for people who need care having had surgery abroad!); Home Plus were discussing Equity Release with clients; Kingsbridge private hospital in Belfast were discussing procedures with clients; Specsavers were giving free hearing tests and this was combined with cookery demonstrations, painting classes and more. 

Seniors live is a magazine, podcast, website and now a live show! 

Home Plus had a wonderful stand at the Seniors Live show in Dublin.

Celebrity visitors.

Eric Knowles from BBC’s antiques roadshow was busy chatting to exhibitors and clients alike.

Eric is quite the storyteller and enjoyed recounting the very true event which happened in Dumfries House in 2008. 

A Scottish lady brought along a small glass vase that had cost her a pound a year earlier. The vase turned out to be a Rene Lalique rare piece with a value of just £25,000!! Well, he too loves our service and is excited to exhibit with us over here in Spain later in the year. 

Eric Knowles from the antique Roadshow viewing the Surgery Now stand in Dublin this weekend.

Demand for our surgery in Europe was huge.

We are aware of the long waiting times for surgery in Ireland through the HSE but it was only when we actually spoke to the people in pain we realised how badly this service is missing. Our clients (or future clients we should say) were particularly interested in hips, knees, shoulders, cataracts but many other types of surgery too. 

A very unexpected development related to other medical professionals who spoke to us about how we can help their patients. We knew individual patients were interested but now it appears hospitals will be recommending us to their patients. Many of the government agencies who were there like Age-Friendly and others were genuinely impressed too. So many people didn’t realise that the Cross Border Directive was really in place. Certainly, nobody knew how easy and potentially life-changing it is for them.

Although we did get a lot of “it sounds too good to be true” responses when we spoke to patients, the general feeling was very positive. The next step according to a group of pharmacists we met is to make the act of coming to Spain for surgery a normal, logical event until such time as the HSE hopefully shifts that long waiting list. 

We have said before that the service is free. Again, clients asked us why we work for free? Of course, we get very well paid; we need to in order to cover the staff expenses, transport costs, admin etc. We take care of so much for our clients, booking hotels, speaking to and introducing patients to the surgeons, organising finance both in Ireland and in Spain, uploading documents, explaining the process to our patient’s GP and more. The private hospitals in Spain cover our fees so there are absolutely no fees for our patients.

Spanish Solutions.

Our show in Dublin was another first in that we formally announced our partnership with Spanish Solutions legal and financial team in Spain. Ian Comaskey represented Spanish solutions at the event. Our clients do feel more secure knowing that we have many collaborators. We enjoy partnerships with banks, various hospitals and now as we mentioned, Ireland’s largest law and accounting office dealing with Spanish matters. 

If you met us in Dublin and wish to follow up with us please give Liam a shout.

[email protected]

He is happy to call you back and chat about how quickly you can get out of the pain cycle and get on with the rest of your life. Liam takes care of the admin side of the procedure and even secured a passport recently for a client who never owned one before. (yes, that was FREE too for the patient!) 

We do everything for our patients.