Irish clients are taking full advantage of the Health Care abroad options in Spain. 


Many Irish patients are flocking to Spain and it is not just for the sunnier weather. 

In a new type of medical tourism, Irish patients are coming to Spain as part of the EU Cross Border Directive. With the plan, the HSE covers the price of treatment up to the cost it would be in Ireland. 

Almost 600 patients have been approved by the HSE and Surgery now for treatment already in 2022. 

The Cross Border Directive is a statutory scheme which has been operating since 2014.  

Any public patient in Ireland can access necessary healthcare in Spain or any EU country and have their costs fully refunded. 

Each patient will pay upfront for the treatment. Our logistics team then assists the patient in getting the money reimbursed by the HSE. You can find the full details on the HSE website. 

Patients pay for their own travel and accommodation costs but we can get special offers that allow patients’ family members also to travel to Spain. They say the climate, relaxed way of life and world-class medical facilities in Spain makes it the perfect place to come to for medical procedures. 


A new medical centre opens in Valencia, specialising in Irish and International clients. 

  • The new centre has 1500m2 of space and  14 consultations for main specialities. Irish patients take advantage of a rehabilitation centre and imaging diagnosis service.

The newly opened IMED International Centre is located in the Valencia region of Spain, close to the famous international airports of Alicante and Valencia.  The hospital is focused on international patients. There is an international staff of doctors, nurses, auxiliary nurses, medical technicians, English-speaking receptionists and logistical patient assistants. Surgery now takes care of the details; flights, hotels, appointments, transport etc. 

The centre is equipped with full space for rehabilitation service, neurorehabilitation and physical therapy. Amongst the facilities is an indoor swimming pool. Our new International Centre is completed with an imaging diagnosis area.

The medical team contains doctors that speak English, Dutch, German and Norwegian. The standard of care is exceptional with cardiologist Jeroen Braat, traumatologist Eric Campagnard and internal doctor Thomas Hoffmann.


Surgery Now is taking Irish patients for care to; Murcia, Torrevieja, Elche, Alicante, Alcoy, Benidorm, Teulada, Gandía and Valencia. We have more than 2.500 professionals who are part of the group. 


What does the patient do before going to Spain?

The patient starts their journey by speaking to Surgery Now. We explain the process and key details like the importance of a public patient outpatient consultation in Ireland here before travelling for inpatient treatment in Spain. Healthcare abroad is accessible only with a properly executed GP referral. We provide your doctor with a prewritten letter to make the process easier for the GP. You can also use a referral letter from an Irish consultant where you are attending in a public capacity.


What are the main procedures people get in Spain?

Unfortunately, one million people are on long-term waiting lists in Ireland. They come to Spain to avail of weight loss surgery, hip and knee replacements, gynaecology procedures, spinal procedures, arthroscopies, orthodontics and cataracts. Patients avail of bonus facilities such as physiotherapy, but interestingly options like mud baths, salt lakes and even just the climate are all advantages of coming to Spain for your health care. Cutting two years off your wait time is the real attraction of course. 


Next steps; 

Surgery now is currently taking bookings for our August 2022 medical trips to Spain. Today is the day for hundreds of people to start their pain-free journey.

Why not talk to Surgery now and see how we can help you! Do you know anyone else who could benefit from knowing about Surgery now? Please feel free to share our details with family members and friends. 

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