Surgery Now Works For You.

Spain is currently the best alternative to waiting years for your surgery that exists.


  • Almost all procedures are covered.

  • Top-level medical care.

  • Costs are usually FULLY covered by the Cross border directive, a European Union plan.

  • Surgery can be done in days. (generally, we recommend a couple of weeks waiting time).

  • We coordinate with the HSE, your GP, consultant in Spain etc.

  • Additional services like holiday dialysis and physiotherapy are included too.

  • Surgery now takes care of everything for you, both in Spain and in Ireland.

  • Speak to the Spanish consultant in advance.

  • Having problems getting scans or a referral from your GP? We can do it for you.

  • Other roadblocks like passports, booking flights etc? No problem, we take care of it.

  • Bring a family member to Spain too.

  • Get out of pain.


Why does the medical sector in Ireland need Surgery Now?

If you or someone you know is in pain, discomfort and distress you should consider taking control and talking to us.


One million people in Ireland are stuck in a traffic jams of endless waiting times. Does the daily news upset you when you hear that the lines are getting longer, for basic procedures in Ireland? We know the short cut and now, so do you.

Let’s say you need Spinal fusion, for example. The cost in Spain may be just 12,000, but it is fully refundable. The cost in Northern Ireland or the UK will be closer to 18,000 euros meaning you are out of pocket by 6,000 euros.

You could go private and pay out of pocket or like most unfortunates in Ireland, you just wait for a call to arrange your appointment; all too often a call that never comes.

There is a reason why the HSE works with us to help alleviate their waiting lists as they promised they will do. This is not Turkey or Estonia, this is Spain; Europe’s most visited country and a leader in the medical sector. Surgery now works with some of the best hospitals in the world in terms of five-star service, the quality of the facilities and the staff.


But why do I need to go to Spain?

As Irish people, we didn’t need to travel for surgery in the past. We could just wait for the HSE to take the pain away. That has all changed. The rapidly growing cost of living in Ireland means surgeons who ten years ago moved to Ireland are staying in Spain. Combine that with the uncertainty of the work conditions and the deepening housing crisis and you understand why the top European medical professionals no longer move to Dublin. It is the same treatment as before, but we need to come and visit them here in Spain.


What’s covered?

Cataracts, spinal surgery, knee and shoulder reconstruction, weight loss surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome; pretty much everything. The rule of thumb is that if you can theoretically get the procedure in Ireland, it’s included and we can get you a full refund from the HSE to come to Spain rather than continue to clog up their waiting lists.

Maybe you can help a loved one to get off the long medical waiting list?

They can take advantage of our professional service. In conjunction with the Irish

Government, the European Union and governments across Europe our patients get their pain taken away.


In addition to a highly qualified team of physicians, nurses and clinical staff, we offer

the very latest in technology and diagnostic imaging capabilities.

Our logistics team takes care of transport, accommodation, booking flights and anything that is a hassle for our patients. All they should need to think about is getting better while enjoying the warm Spanish sunshine.


Surgery Now, means Surgery in weeks, not years.

Call us today and we’ll take you through the whole process and maybe even book you in for some provisional dates. (yes, it is that simple to get your procedure carried out now!)


[email protected] +353 01 437 0960


It’s not a matter of just improving lives, we are saving lives.