What exactly does Surgery Now do?



Very often, clients ask obvious questions when they call us.

What exactly can Surgery Now do for me?

These are patients who are on a medical waiting list back in Ireland and they need help. Sometimes the answer we give is too good to be true. We arrange everything for your surgery in Spain. Everything.

Here is a list of the specific services. I’m quite sure there is more, including ordering pizza for a patient who wanted Dominos for their post-op meal; taking a patient to buy gifts for the grandkids; sometimes explaining to a patient’s GP that this system works and that it is endorsed by the HSE. We applied for Passports for patients who never had one. We have phoned a patient’s family to explain that this is every bit as good as it sounds and much more.

Here is the up-to-date list of what we can do for you to get you off the long waiting list in Ireland.

If you can think of something else and you’re wondering if we do it; we probably do, but please feel free to email or call us and just ask!

As you can see, we’re here to help!

Surgery Now Services

 We arrange for a copy of your scans to be made available to the consultant for review.
 We provide you with feedback from the consultant.
 We provide you with a pre-populated Referral Letter for your GP to sign.
 We assist you with working with your credit union to get a loan.
 We provide detailed information about the CBD scheme and how it works.
 We assist with booking flights, if necessary.
 We book a hotel accommodation or provide information about alternative options.
 We gather required paperwork before you travel (referral letter, boarding passes, medical
card, EHIC card, passport, etc.)
 We arrange disability services in the Irish airports. The disability services will take you through security, and passport control, to your gate
and assist with boarding the plane, if necessary.
 We arrange disability services in the Spanish airport. The disability services will assist you to disembark from the aircraft and bring you to

 We meet you at Arrivals at the airport.
 We transport you to your accommodation.
 We collect you from your accommodation and bring you to your hospital appointments.
 We welcome you to the hospital and bring you to all your appointments.
 We arrange for a translator to assist you with all your consultations.
 We visit you every day while you are in the hospital.
 We contact your designated family or friend and update them after your surgery.
 After you are discharged from the hospital, we transport you to your accommodation.
 We bring you to the pharmacy, as necessary.
 We bring you back to the hospital each day for dressing changes or physiotherapy
 We complete the 7-page HSE refund application form and have the consultant fill in and sign
their section.
 We arrange for the consultant to fill in their section of the refund application form.
 We have you complete and sign your section of the refund application.
 We arrange for the translation of all the medical documents, which are required by the HSE.
 We scan all the documents (referral letter, boarding passes, hospital receipts and invoices,
accommodation receipts, medical card, and your completed application form).
 We email all the refund applications and all the supporting documentation to the HSE and the
 We transport you back to the airport for your return journey to Ireland.


Additional services provided by Surgery Now.

This is what the Surgery Now team will do for you in Spain; everything!

What we didn’t add to the list is the very first step and the last step.

First, we listen. We listen to you and find out about your problem while offering real, constructive options. Surgery in Spain is safe and secure. Otherwise, I’m sure the HSE would not help us to get people off the waiting lists. We put your mind at ease.

The last step? We help you to feel better. We introduce you to your surgeon who will take care of your hip, eye, back or shoulder pain away. A Bariatric surgery patient told me last week that we changed her life. This is what we want to hear from the thousands of Irish people who need our services.

Why not start your journey to surgery in weeks rather than years!

Call Liam or Noel today.