There has never been a better time to book your surgery in Spain.

Here is our Spanish office we speak to hundreds of Irish clients every week.  

These people are generally in pain and they require a solution. In Spain, we have the solution. Irish people can skip the long delays in the HSE, come to Spain and have surgery in Weeks rather than years. 

Think about how fantastic that is. 

You’d imagine once the patient’s GP likes the idea, the family are on board, they’ve spoken to Liam or another team member here and they agree that it makes sense, well why would they not book the flight to Spain? 

I think, despite the pain, we suffer too from procrastination. 

There is no logical reason to not come to Spain to potentially add TWO pain-free years to your life. 

Some benefits of the HSE and Surgery-Now Cross border scheme.

  • The hospitals in Spain are some of the best in the World. 
  • The cost of Procedures is up to 100% refunded by the HSE if you have your medical care in Spain. 
  • This is not Turkey! (there has been much talk recently about Irish patients travelling to Turkey for discounted elective surgery that has ended very badly). 
  • Every procedure that is available in Ireland through the HSE is covered.
  • It is a totally free service.
  • The HSE fully supports Surgery Now in getting Irish people off waiting lists. 
  • Surgery now takes care of all the paperwork and all the “heavy lifting”. 
  • Special offers allow you to extend your stay in Spain and get some rest and recuperation after your procedure.
  • Bring a friend or family member to Spain while you are here. 
  • Fully English speaking team. 


So, why not book your Surgery Now in Spain? 

In addition to the reasons why we procrastinate, we often come up with a number of excuses. According to researchers, there are some key reasons why people put off to tomorrow the email they should send today.

  • Unsure of what needs to be done. (Solutions; Just call Liam)
  • Not knowing how to do something. (Leanne and her team take care of everything!) 
  • Not wanting to do something. (Sure, you’d rather get your surgery in Mullingar or Mallow, but…. The situation is the situation, just get it done)
  • Not caring if it gets done or not. (but you’re in pain and it is affecting your quality of life) 
  • Not caring when something gets done. (as above, pain relief is not something to procrastinate on). 
  • Not feeling in the mood to do it. (You’re never going to be in a good mood to start the process, but momentum will carry it forward. Just start.) 
  • The habit of waiting until the last minute. (we all suffer this, but the sooner you start the process, the sooner you’re finished). 
  • Lacking the initiative to get started. (maybe you are hoping that things will get better with the waiting list in Ireland?) 
  • Forgetting to do it. (That is why we say you should make the call now) 
  • Blaming sickness or poor health. (ironically, people are feeling so unwell they can’t think straight and work out the best way for the pain to go away)
  • Waiting for the right moment. (the right moment to call Surgery now was yesterday, the next best time is right now). 
  • Needing time to think about the task. (it’s understandable, it’s a big decision to come to Spain for surgery but…. It is the right option for most people). 
  • Delaying one task in favour of working on another. (We used to call this the “when the dog has her pups” excuse. Literally, a client told us she would get her cataracts done after Daisy or whoever had her pups). 

Procrastination is like eating a frog.

I love this quote by Mark Twain: 

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”


I can assure you that calling Noel, or Elain in the Surgery now office will never be as bad as eating a frog. However, even if it was that bad, it is still probably preferable to waiting for the train that never comes. 

If you’d like to get off the pain conveyor belt, why not eat that frog and get in touch with Surgery now today.


How to eat a frog! 

(and get your surgery finally done!)

Let’s say that I’m wrong and calling Surgery now to arrange your procedure in Spain is a real pain. Is that any worse than the back pain, or hip pain you are suffering now? 

Should you wait until after the summer, or until after Daisy has pups? What if the waiting times in Ireland get worse, not better? What if by not booking your surgery now, you are running the risk that you could be waiting another 6 months? 

Business professional Brian Tracy has three tips to get big things done. 

  • Eating that frog should be important.  Make sure you choose a task that matters most to you. Pain relief and getting your life back on track surely are that important. 
  • It should be something you need a little push to get done. Let’s face it, none of us finds knee replacement or frogs that appetising. If you can’t wait to get your surgery booked, well done, but then it’s probably more a piece of cake than a frog. 
  • It should be something you can actually get done that day. You can’t get your weight loss surgery today but you can make the call to Leanne. That doesn’t mean you can’t use this technique to work towards big goals like getting your life to where you want it to be. Break the steps down into segments. Eating a frog for you may start by getting in touch. 


We’re here to help. If it’s important, our advice is to get the ball rolling. 


Give it a shot. Get in touch today. It’s free and there, of course, is no obligation. 

Surgery in weeks, not years.